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Zents water salt

Zents water salt

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Foryngende og oppfriskende. Lindetreblomst, coriander, citron, mint. Føl lykken. Denne luksuriøse blandingen av Epsom og sjøsalter gir deg den optimale renselse og gjenoppbygging. Helbredende Epsom salter drar ut giftstoffer og lindrer såre muskler, og gjør huden myk og fornyet. Luksuriøs duft omgir sansene, roer ned tankene, og kvikker opp kroppen. Har du ikke badekar? Et perfekt tips: Bland disse saltene med Zents Body Oil for den perfekte body scrub! Hver pakke inneholder fire porsjonspakker.

450 ml

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Regular use of the Bath Salts soothes everyday muscle strains and stresses, promotes healthy circulation, removes toxins that build up in the body, and keeps skin youthful, supple, and soft. Also use Bath Salts to aid with muscle recovery after exercise or massage.

Create a deeply exfoliating hydrating scrub by mixing Bath Salt with Body Oil. Put Salts in your palm, then spray Oil on top. Mix products in your palms and apply in a circular motion to rough, dry skin such as elbows, knees, and feet. For a gentler exfoliation, use Wash in place of Oil.

Enjoy a nourishing, detoxifying shea butter milk bath by pouring Wash into a warm bath along with the Salts. Light a candle, relax and enjoy.


SEA SALT – Transfers minerals through the skin to reduce fluid retention and increase circulation, allowing skin to look supple and healthy EPSOM SALT – Detoxifies by drawing impurities from skin to ease muscle pain and soreness, improves circulation, relieves inflammation and itch, softens dry skin

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